The unofficial BCB Boost patches

Bcbboost is a family of patches that improve support for the Borland/CodeGear compilers in the Boost libraries. The purpose of this project is to allow users of the latest version of C++ Builder to make use of Boost without having to wait for the next release.

Bcbboost would not have been possible without the tremendous job done by Alisdair Meredith to maintain Borland compatibility in Boost . Other contributions came from Juan Antonio “Zara” Zaratiegui Vallecillo and Russell Hind.

Nicola Musatti


8 nov 2008

I re-ran the regression tests after installing Update 1 for C++ Builder 2009 and the results are exactly the same as my previous run. No change is required. 

5 nov 2008

Boost 1.37.0 was released a couple of days ago. It contains many CodeGear specific fixes aimed at both C++ Builder 2009 and C++ Builder 2007. Most of these are the work of Alisdair Meredith and other CodeGear employees and were made available as part of the custom Boost 1.35 distribution that is included with CB2009. Here are the test results for the 6.1.0 and 5.9.3 compilers.

As it is I do not plan to issue a new bcbboost release, however I still need to check what changed in the newly released Update 1 for C++ Builder 2009. Unfortunately it came out too late to be taken into account for Boost 1.37.0. 

4 may 2008

Different posts to the CodeGear and Boost newsgroups expressed concern about how Borland/CodeGear compilers perform with Boost 1.35.0, given that they are not "officially supported" and that there isn't a corresponding bcbboost release. For this reason I decided to post test results for the 5.6.4, 5.8.2 and 5.9.3 compilers. As you can see the latter performs somewhat better than the other two, but several libraries still work with all of them.

Still, I think it's important to stress the fact that since the 1.34.x releases several libraries' authors have increasingly adopted SFINAE based techniques to tweak their libraries' interfaces. As only the 5.9.x compiler supports these techniques, albeit incompletely, support for earlier compilers is likely to diminish in the forthcoming Boost releases.

5 jan 2008

The recently released December Update introduces a new version of bcc32, 5.9.3 . This can be used with Boost 1.34.1 / bcbboost 1.34.1-5.9.2-0.2  by modifying accordingly tools\build\v2\user-config.jam and by changing all occurences of 0x592 with 0x593 in boost\config\compiler\borland.hpp . Test results are almost identical - the two new passes for Boost.Python are not very significant - but there is already a bug report

15 sep 2007

A new release, 1.34.1-5.9.2-0.2 , is available. It is meant specifically for Boost 1.34.1 and C++Builder 2007 Update 3, but should also work with bcc32 5.9.1 and 5.9.0, as well as with Boost 1.34.0 . It includes improved support for the Iostreams and Parameters libraries. Test results are available here

17 aug 2007

The current release, 1.34.0-5.9.0-0.1 , works also with the latest Boost release, 1.34.1 ; if you have installed Update 2 you need to apply the fix described below.

14 aug 2007

If you're using bcbboost with C++Builder 2007 and you intend to install Update 2 you need to edit boost\config\compiler\borland.hpp and change all occurencies of 0x590 into 0x591 . I'm investigating other changes that may be required and hope to come out with a new version in a short time. Many thanks to Andrew Bond for the heads up.

15 jun 2007

C++ Builder 2007 is out and so is a new bcbboost release, 1.34.0-5.9.0-0.1 . Here you can find the corresponding test results.